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Nutrition Tip Tuesday: Top 10 Health Benefits of Bone Broth (with Easy Chicken and Vegetable Soup Recipe)

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Have you heard about the amazing health benefits of Bone Broth? Have you tried bone broth or experimented with making your own homemade bone broth but are too afraid to try it or not sure where to start? While I am well aware of the amazing health benefits of bone broth, I will admit that I was afraid to even taste it let alone try to make it myself! I finally mustered up the courage to taste test a pre-made chicken bone broth and experimented in my kitchen to create a delicious, nutritious, and hearty Chicken and Veggie Soup! Today I will share with you the Top 10 Health Benefits of Bone Broth along with my easy recipe for Chicken Bone Broth and Vegetable Soup!

Product Review: USCryotherapy - "The Most Advanced Recovery Technology in the U.S."


If you are anything like me, you have experienced your fair share of bumps, bruises and minor injuries! If so, you've probably used ice and anti-inflammatory medication in hopes to recover faster and alleviate the pain and swelling that accompanies an injury. While applying ice and taking NSAIDS on a routine basis can help reduce pain and swelling for common acute injuries, they might not be enough to completely heal your minor injury or even alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation. Enter USCryotherapy, touted as "the most advanced recovery technology in the United States," but does it really work and is it worth the money? Here's my review of my experience with USCryotherapy!

Product Review: Pinnertest - "The World's Most Advanced Food Intolerance Test"


Do you often suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort (i.e. Tummy Troubles) or ever noticed that some days you just don't feel 100%? Do you regularly feel lethargic or bloated even though you have eaten plenty of "good" foods throughout the day? Have you been experiencing headaches, edema, fatigue, slow metabolism, brain fog, acne, or depression lately and cannot figure out why? If you can relate to any of these issues I have listed then you may want to read more about my experience with Pinnertest and what I learned from this advanced food intolerance test!

Product Review: Eat Fresco Foods - "Delicious, Portable, Convenient and Nutritious Food"


Hey Florida friends! Are you looking for delicious and convenient food that is prepared fresh, local, and health-focused? If you are like me and often find yourself in search of affordable, convenient meals that don't sacrifice taste or nutrition, then you may want to check out my review of Eat Fresco Foods - locally made and available in the Jacksonville and Tampa Bay regions!