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How to Make Overnight Oats and Make Breakfast a Breeze in the Morning

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How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Research shows that breakfast helps to kick-start your metabolism, improve your memory, and can actually prevent overeating later on in the day. But how many of us ACTUALLY eat a good breakfast? When your mornings are busy like mine (hello new mom life) or you’re rushing out the door to beat the morning traffic, it can be difficult to find time to give your body the fuel it needs. But trust me – whether you are a busy mom at home or rushing off to work, you NEED to eat breakfast first thing in the morning to get your metabolism running and for energy to make it through the day!

That’s when meal prepping can become such a helpful thing to do. It saves you time, helps you eat healthier and is sure to get your day started on the right foot! Let’s face it, mornings are tough (especially with a newborn), but your breakfast shouldn’t be! Enter Overnight Oats - my favorite breakfast to prep ahead of time and have ready when I wake first thing in the morning! 

Overnight Oats Recipe

If you haven’t hopped on the overnight oats train yet and you don’t quite know how to make them as delicious as “as seen on Instagram,” then I have a perfect tool for you! Take a look at this guide of delicious overnight oats recipes from Personal Creations that you can prepare the night before. You won’t find yourself skipping breakfast or reaching for that last donut in the office break room with these nutritious and delicious Overnight Oats recipes!

Overnight Oats Recipes

I’ll be honest, I have been living off of Overnight Oats for 15 weeks now (since our little baby boy arrived) and I haven’t met a recipe I didn’t like! These oats are super convenient (like eating them with one hand while nursing a baby), versatile (endless combination of delicious ingredients), and can be made ahead in no time at all (it takes me less than 5 minutes to make 3-4 at a time)! So what are you waiting for? Try out some of these awesome recipes and let me know which ones are your favorites!