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Nutrition Tip Tuesday: Pre-Exercise Nutrition

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As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, I am often asked several questions regarding nutrition before, during, and after exercise. Questions such as “what should I eat before a long run?” and “what should I eat after a resistance training session?” are great questions, but knowing what to eat and when to eat (known as “nutrient timing”) can be somewhat confusing for many athletes and laypersons alike. To make nutrition for performance less confusing, I have come up with some quick tips for proper nutrient timing and my top meals and snacks to eat to fuel you for your next long run, training session or competition.

Photo by  DA Photospot

Photo by DA Photospot

Today, I am going to talk about what and when to eat before exercise. This meal is known as the “pre” meal and provides the fuel that you need during the exercise bout. These smaller meals or “snacks” should be consumed 30-90 minutes (depending on the size and contents of the meal and how hungry you feel) before a workout or training session. These meals should be low in fat and fiber (for quicker, easier digestion), moderate in protein (10-20g), and moderate-to-high carbohydrates (30-60g easily digestible carbohydrates) for sufficient energy and optimal performance.


1)      Nut Butter & Banana Toast – 1 slice whole grain bread topped with 1 tbsp natural nut butter and ½ banana

2)       “Last resort” options= 1 RX Bar (www.rxbar.com) or 1-2 homemade energy bites (http://fuel4soul.com/blog/2016/1/12/meal-in-minutes-cinnamon-bliss-balls-gluten-free-vegan)

Energy Bites

Hope this Nutrition Tip was helpful! Please leave me any questions that you may have :-)