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Product Review: Pinnertest - "The World's Most Advanced Food Intolerance Test"

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Do you often suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort (i.e. Tummy Troubles) or ever notice that some days you just don't feel 100%? Do you regularly feel lethargic or bloated even though you have eaten plenty of "good" foods throughout the day? Have you been experiencing headaches, swelling & edema, fatigue, slow metabolism, brain fog, acne, or depression lately and cannot figure out why? If you can relate to any of these issues I have listed then you may want to read more about my experience with Pinnertest and what I learned from this advanced food intolerance test!

This week's Product Review: Pinnertest - "The world's most advanced food intolerance test"

Food Intolerance Test

What is a Food Intolerance?

Before I talk about my personal experience with Pinnertest, I want to explain what a food intolerance is and show the difference between a food intolerance and a food allergy. According to Pinnertest, a food intolerance results from a reaction with certain food particles that cause an inflammatory response and lead to the various symptoms I listed above. "The response that the immune system has in a food intolerance reaction is similar to the inflammation seen in a viral or bacterial infection.  Food intolerance discomfort, different from the flu, can last a long time or even lifetime if you keep continuing to consume foods that are causing food intolerance. Since the immune response to food intolerance is typically much slower (weeks, months or years) compared to classic food allergy (seconds, minutes, hours), it is almost impossible to self-diagnose the cause or causes of your food intolerance."

Unlike a food allergy, which has an immediate and often serious response, food intolerances are often more difficult to identify. Even “innocent” looking vegetables such as lettuce or parsley can elicit a food intolerance reaction if you are intolerant to these foods and Pinnertest claims that "the only way to precisely identify your intolerant foods is to order a Food Intolerance Test".

You can read more about the Pinnertest, how it works, and why it is named "the world's most advanced food intolerance test" here and I strongly recommend that you read the other reviews and research behind the test!

**It is important to note that the Pinnertest will not identify any intolerant food that you have not eaten in the past 6 months. According to a Pinnertest representative, "a food needs to be in the system for 6 months or less to show up accurately for any food intolerance test.  If someone is still curious, they must eat some of the food a day or more prior to taking Pinnertest.

Food Intolerance Test

My Story with Food Intolerance and Pinnertest:

I found out that I have a Gluten Intolerance in the summer of 2013 after I had been battling severe gastrointestinal issues for several years. I have been gluten-free for about 4 years now and I can honestly say that I felt 100% better since I removed gluten from my diet... up until about 1 year ago, that is. I started to notice my stomach hurting more often and that I was having frequent intestinal discomfort. After some research on my own and keeping a food diary, I noticed that certain vegetables (i.e. onion, cauliflower, legumes...) and other high FODMAP foods may have been causing my GI discomfort. I started following a low-FODMAP diet and felt much better after a few weeks! I thought, "GREAT - I am going to feel 100% again!" Unfortunately, I was wrong and still had lower intestinal pain on a daily basis. I also felt extremely tired and had dark circles under my eyes no matter how well I slept the night before. About 6 months had passed and I still could not pin point what was causing these new symptoms and was getting frustrated since I already removed gluten and high-FODMAP foods from my diet and I ate a very "clean" diet full of wholefoods and minimal added sugar! That was until I learned about the Pinnertest and how accurate and convenient this at-home food intolerance test was. I read the reviews and ordered my test right away!

The test came to my front door and was super easy to administer and send back to the lab. I waited about 5 business days for the lab to receive my blood sample and then another 5 business days to receive my results. The results were super easy to read and understand, but I was absolutely shocked when I saw my food intolerance results! I did not have any reaction to dairy products, which actually surprised me because I thought dairy may have been the underlying culprit. The REAL surprise, however, was that I had a reaction to DATES!!! WHAT!? I never considered that dates could be the underlying cause of all my tummy troubles and lack of energy, but then it hit me... I have eaten dates nearly every day for the past two years since I fell in love with Rx bars and started making "no-bake" products which contain dates as their main ingredients! While dates, Rx bars, and "no-bake" snacks are super healthy and loaded with nutrients... the Pinnertest showed that they were possibly contributing to an inflammatory response and causing all of my GI discomfort and lethargy!

As devastated as I was to find out that I should stop eating dates, my beloved Rx bars, and other food items that contain dates, I decided to eliminate dates from my diet for the recommended 4-6 weeks to see if I felt any different (any better)! The first week was tough to resist the temptation to eat an Rx bar, but I started to notice a big difference in my energy level and reduced GI discomfort after the second week! By week 4, I honestly felt SO much better and truly energized throughout the day! I started to introduce dates again in week 6 and I quickly noticed some GI discomfort and intestinal pain again... womp, womp, womp...

So as you can probably see, I am convinced that the Pinnertest accurately identified my intolerance to dates and that I am committed to eliminating them from my diet as much as possible. I may not have a serious allergic reaction to gluten or dates, but I know how much better I feel when I do not eat these foods and I will do everything in my power to feel 100%.

I am sure you can agree with me here! Even some of my clients who suffered from GI issues, lethargy, and slow metabolism have gone through Pinnertest to identify the underlying food intolerances that are causing their symptoms and have seen great results by eliminating these specific foods from their diets!

I have been having stomach issues for quite some time.  It was suggested I eliminate Gluten and follow a low-FODMAP diet. I was very faithful with little results after 2 months.  I heard about the Pinnertest from my RD, Kelly, and gave it a try. I could not believe that my go-to snacks of peanuts and cashews were on my ‘Do NOT Eat list’ and eggs were on my ‘moderate list.’ So, I made a commitment to change and I have finally started feeling better. I would never have thought after eating peanuts, cashews. and eggs all of my life that they were the culprits all the time. The knowledge from the test results have much such a difference in my life!
— D.R. (A very satisfied client)
Food Intolerance Test

If you would like to try out The world's most advanced food intolerance test" and identify your own food intolerances in the comfort of your own home, use my discount code (FUELFORTHESOUL) for $60 off and order your Pinnertest today! They even have a monthly payment plan to make this process more affordable and have an excellent customer service team that can help answer any questions that you may have!

Likewise, I would be more than happy to help answer any questions and would love to hear about your Pinnertest experience! While I am affiliated with Pinnertest, I would never promote and recommend something I didn't trust or use myself. I am honestly so impressed with this test and so glad that I went through this simple and convenient process to identify my own food intolerances. I feel so much better now that I know and I want to help you feel 100% too!