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Free Fitness Friday: At-Home AMRAP Kettle Bell Workout

Kettle Bell home workout
Kettle Bell home workout

It's finally Friday! And it's a bitter-sweet one for me since my vacation home is over and I am already missing my family and friends back home in Massachusetts! I had such a nice time back in my home town and truly enjoyed the quality time spent with my loved ones, relaxing at home, and my awesome at-home workouts! Speaking of which, today's Free Fitness Friday features a calorie-blasting 30-minute kettle bell workout that you can do anytime and anywhere. This quick and convenient workout requires only 1 moderate-weight Kettle Bell (or a moderate-weight dumbbell), an exercise mat (or towel), and (ideally) a 200-yard distance (for the "cardio" portion). You want to be sure to use a moderate weight that you can lift 10-12 times for each exercise and you can choose any form of "cardio" exercise that you prefer and have access to (walking / jogging, marching in place, stationary bike, rowing machine, elliptical, jump rope...).

The concept of the workout is to complete As Many Rounds As Possible (A.K.A. "AMRAP") of the 7 different exercises in 30 minutes, but to do so at a realistic pace so that you are able to continue the workout for 30 minutes. You want to set up your Kettle Bell / dumbbell and exercise mat on flat ground before starting the clock and select a good location with enough space for you to perform the exercises. I completed my workout outside on my parents' driveway in the shade and had about a 200-yard distance to run up and down the street for the "cardio" portion.

So here it is! The 30-Minute At-Home AMRAP Kettle Bell Workout

1 Round:

  1. 2-minute cardio (walk / run 200- yards out and 200-yards back, jump-rope, bike, row...)
  2. 10 x Right arm Kettle Bell swing
  3. 10 x Left arm Kettle Bell swing
  4. 10 x Squat with right arm high pull
  5. 10 x Squat with left arm high pull
  6. 10 x Kettle Bell tricep push-ups (can be performed on knees if needed)
  7. 15 x Kettle Bell sit-ups with straight arms

Repeat exercises for the next round(s) until the 30-minutes is up! Trust me, the time goes by quickly and the workout will be over before you know it!

Here is a short video to demonstrate each exercise (minus the 2-minute run) in case you are not sure of how to perform each exercise. (Note: I only performed 3 repetitions of each exercise (#2-#7) for demonstration purposes, but aim for the designated number of reps for each exercise listed). If you still are not sure how to perform one of the exercises, please feel free to ask me in the comments below!


Have a great workout and weekend ahead :-)