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Free Fitness Friday: March Madness Full-Body Dumbbell Workout

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It's the first week of a new month and I am so excited it's already March! March is a month known for many things - most notably National Nutrition Month,  "The Ides of March," St. Patrick's Day, and (of course) "March Madness." While I am not a huge basketball fan, March always seems to be a month of "Madness" filled with a busy schedule and "not enough hours in the day" kind of feeling! As the months go by, time seems to pass by quicker and quicker and I find myself with less time for daily exercise. That's why I love quick and effective workouts that I can perform anywhere and within whatever time-limit I have! So for the month of March, I will be sharing some awesome workouts that you can complete anytime and anywhere to help you fit daily exercise into your busy schedule! Let's embrace the "madness!"

This week's Free Fitness Friday: March Madness Full-Body Dumbbell Workout

Full-body dumbbell workout

As usual, this workout is simple to set-up and perform! All you need is a open area and a set of light-to-moderate dumbbells. To complete this workout, perform 40 seconds of the first exercise and then rest for 20 seconds before moving onto exercise #2 for 40 seconds "on" with 20 seconds "rest" before moving onto exercise #3... and so on until you complete 40 seconds "on" for exercise #5. Rest 20 seconds, then repeat starting with exercise #1 for 40 seconds. Continue through all four exercises in this fashion until you complete 4 rounds! Rest for 1-2 minutes and repeat for another four rounds for a total of 8 rounds! I know you can do it! Take your time and maintain proper form throughout the whole workout!

Round 1:

  • Squat, curl, press (neutral grip)
  • Side lunge to the left with diagonal curl to press with the right arm
  • Side lunge to the right with diagonal curl to press with the left arm
  • Jumping jacks with shoulder press
  • Squat thrust with front raise

Check out this short video which demonstrates each exercise and be sure to maintain proper form throughout each exercise!

That's all there is to it! Your shoulders and legs may be burning by now, but this combination-style workout targets your full-body and strengthens your core while stressing your cardiovascular system (in a good way)! Now that's a win, win if you ask me!

I don't know about you, but I am excited for all the "madness" that March has in store! I am ready to take on this workout and take on whatever comes my way this month! I hope you are too!

Happy Friday, fit friends! Have an awesome workout and a wonderful week ahead!