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Free Fitness Friday: Upper-body Cable Workout

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Happy Friday, fit friends! Here is another FUN and FAST workout for you to blast some serious calories and build some serious upper-body muscle! The best part is that you don't need tons of fancy equipment or time to fit in a great workout with this Upper-body Cable Workout!

This week's Free Fitness Friday: Upper-body Cable Workout

Exercise #1: Cable Low T Pull

Exercise #1: Cable Low T Pull

This workout is very simple to set up (all you need is a cable machine with long handles) and can be done in anytime frame that you have (anywhere from 15-30 minutes), but should be done at a fast-pace and with minimal rest. You can even fit this workout in at the end of a workout for an extra calorie burn! Complete all exercises in a row for 1 round, rest for 1 minute, then begin with the first exercise for round 2. Complete as many rounds as you can in the time you have! (Try for 4-6 rounds!)

As always, be sure to warm up before beginning the first round and cool down and stretch when you are finished.

Round 1:

  • 15 Cable Low T Pull
  • 15 Cable straight arm bent over pull-downs
  • 15 Cable chest press
  • 15 Cable bicep curls
  • 15 Cable tricep kickbacks

Check out this short video to see how each exercise is performed and to ensure that you have proper form throughout each exercise!

And that's all there is to this Upper-body Cable Workout! Told you it was a another quick and simple (yet super effective) workout! All it takes is a little motivation, some good music, and a cable machine!

Have a great workout and a wonderful (long) weekend ahead!