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Free Fitness Friday: Lower Body TRX Workout (prenatal approved)

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Happy Friday, fit friends! Here is another FUN and FAST workout for you to strengthen your lower body in no time at all! The best part is that you don't need tons of fancy equipment or time to fit in a great workout with this Lower Body TRX Workout and it is easily modifiable for any fitness level and any stage in pregnancy!

This Week's Free Workout: Lower Body TRX Workout

Lower Body TRX Workout

How to perform this Lower Body TRX Workout

This workout is very simple to set up (all you need is a TRX or similar set up) and can be done in any timeframe that you have (anywhere from 15-30 minutes), but should be done at a fast-pace and with minimal rest. You can even fit this circuit in at the end of a workout for an extra calorie burn! Complete all exercises in a row for 1 round, rest for 1 minute, then begin with the first exercise for round 2. Complete as many rounds as you can in the time you have! (Try for 3-6 rounds!) ** For my pregnant mommas - please be sure to maintain a conversation pace and focus on balance and form (not speed). You should be able to carry a conversation throughout this workout and rest for 1-2 minutes between sets. Aim for 2-3 sets. Always begin with a full body warm-up for 10 minutes (walking or spinning) and cool down for at least 5 minutes following this workout. Always consult with your Doctor before beginning an exercise routine and get cleared for exercise before attempting these workouts. ** 

As always, be sure to warm up before beginning the first round and cool down and stretch when you are finished.

Round 1:

  • 20 TRX deep squats
  • 10 right leg side lunge (sit back into the lunge) 
  • 10 left leg side lunge (sit back into the lunge) 
  • 10 right leg reverse lunge
  • 10 left leg reverse lunge
  • 10-20 TRX in-and-out squats (10 total for my pregnant women!) 

Check out this short video to see how each exercise is performed and to ensure that you have proper form throughout each exercise!

And there you have it - a short and sweet Lower Body TRX workout that you can perform anywhere and anytime (and at any pace that suits you best)! I know this momma-to-be loved this quick workout and I hope you do too!

Have a great weekend :-)