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Free Fitness Friday: Lower-body Plyometric Workout

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Happy Friday, fit friends! I cannot believe it is already Friday and that it is already APRIL! Spring has officially sprung, and if you are in the Tampa area I am sure you have seen all the Oak seeds and felt the temperatures rise as we Spring right into Summer! That's right, Summer is right around the corner and if you are looking for some new workouts to boost your exercise routine and get ready for "bikini season" then I have just the workout for you! Check out this awesome lower-body plyometric workout to help get you ready for the beach this summer!

This Week's Free Fitness Friday: Lower-body Plyometric Workout

Lower Body Workout

This workout is very simple to set up (all you need is a low box or bench) and can be done in anytime frame that you have (anywhere from 15-30 minutes), but should be done at a fast-pace and with minimal rest. You can even fit this workout in at the end of a workout for an extra calorie burn! Complete all exercises in a row for 1 round, rest for 1 minute, then begin with the first exercise for round 2. Complete as many rounds as you can in the time you have! (Try for 3-5 rounds!)

As always, be sure to warm up before beginning the first round and cool down and stretch when you are finished.

Round 1:

  • 10 box jump and squat
  • 10 right leg step-up and hop
  • 10 left leg step-up and hop
  • 10 lateral hops over the box (10 each side, 20 total)
  • 10 jump down and squat (step back up on right leg, then the left leg and keep alternating)
  • 10 squat and frog hops (bonus if you smile while doing it!)

Check out this short video to see how each exercise is performed and to ensure that you have proper form throughout each exercise!

That's all there is to it! And, as you can tell by the smile on my face at the end, it's actually a really fun and energizing workout! So what are you waiting for? Let's get started and Spring into Summer with this quick and effective lower-body plyometric workout!

Have a GREAT workout and a wonderful weekend ahead!