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Free Fitness Friday: 16 Minute HIIT Lower Body Workout

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Happy Friday!! It's the third Friday of 2016 and to continue to ring in 2016, here is the third 16 minute workout to help you stay committed to your New Year's Resolution! These workouts are easy to perform no matter where you are and can easily fit into any busy schedule. All you need is a little motivation and 16 minutes!

This week's Free Fitness Friday Workout: 16 Minute HIIT Lower Body Workout

Exercise #3: Mountain Climbers

Exercise #3: Mountain Climbers

I performed this high-intensity lower body workout back at my gym, but you can complete this workout anywhere! All you will need is an open space, a jump rope (if you have one), and an exercise mat (if you have one). Perform each exercise as listed in the workout and aim for 3 rounds (which will take you about 16 minutes to complete).

1 Round:

  1. 100 jump rope (or jumping jacks if you don't have a jump rope)
  2. 16 pop squats
  3. 16 mountain climbers (32 total)
  4. 16 curtsy lunges (8 each side)
  5. 16 reverse renegades (8 each side)
  6. 16 burpees (with a jump)

That's it! Repeat each round 3 times (with minimal rest), but be sure to maintain proper form during each exercise. (Since this is a higher-intensity workout with lots of jumping around, you may want to rest 1-2 minutes between each round). Check out this short video to see how to perform each exercise. (Note: Jump Rope exercise is not shown).

Now, wasn't that fun!? And it only took about 16 minutes!

Hope you enjoyed the workout and that you have a wonderful weekend ahead!