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Free Fitness Friday: Full-body Kettle Bell Circuit Workout

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Happy Friday, Fit Friends! Last weekend when I was home visiting my family and friends I had some fun outside playing around with my mom’s kettle bell and my travel-size jump rope and boy do I have a fun new “anytime and anywhere” workout for yall!

This week's Free Fitness Friday: Full-body Kettle Bell Circuit Workout

Fullbody Kettle Bell Circuit

This workout is very simple to set up (all you need is a light-to-moderate weight kettle bell, a jump rope, and an exercise mat or towel) and can be done in anytime frame that you have (anywhere from 15-30 minutes), but should be done at a fast-pace and with minimal rest. You can even fit this workout in at the end of a workout for an extra calorie burn! Complete all exercises in a row for 1 round, rest for 1 minute, then begin with the first exercise for round 2. Complete as many rounds as you can in the time you have! (Try for 4-6 rounds!)

As always, be sure to warm up before beginning the first round and cool down and stretch when you are finished.

Round 1:

  • 2 minute jog outside around the neighborhood (or jog in place if you are inside and don’t have room to run around) *not shown in video
  • 100 jump rope (or “fake jump rope” if you do not have a jump rope) *not shown in video
  • 20 jumping lunges with kettle bell (10 each side)
  • 10 squat thruster with kettle bell shoulder press
  • 40 mountain climbers (20 each side)
  • 20 kettle bell toe touches
  • 40 kettle bell v sit Russian Twists (20 each side)

That's the whole workout! Check out this video for demonstration of each exercise and please let me know if you have any questions!

Now doesn’t that look fun!? The weather may not have been spectacular while I was completing this workout, but I sure felt spectacular when I was done!

Do yourself a favor and try this workout today! Whether you are traveling, visiting friends, or staying home this weekend, there’s no better way to kick-off the weekend than with this fast and effective full-body workout!

Have a great workout and a wonderful weekend ahead!