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Free Fitness Friday: Holiday Hustle Series - Full-body Pyramid Workout #2

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It's the second week of December and the second week of the Holiday Hustle Series for full-body workouts that you can perform anytime and anywhere during the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season!

Exercise #4 - Plank and toe touch (20 each leg)

Exercise #4 - Plank and toe touch (20 each leg)


If you are like me and still have Christmas shopping to do, then I have a strong feeling you will enjoy this workout more than fighting the crowd at the mall this weekend!

In order to perform this workout, you will need at least 10 minutes, an open space to move and jump around, and a yoga mat (if you have one). Your goal is to complete 100 reps of the first exercise, then 80 reps of the second, then 60... until you work your way down to 10 reps of the 6th exercise... then you rest for 1-2 minutes and repeat the pyramid starting at 100 reps of the first exercise, then 80 reps, and so on until you reach 10 reps of the 6th exercise to complete round 2. Try to complete 1-3 rounds (with the given amount of time you have) for a calorie-blasting full-body workout that will have you feeling great and energized for the Holidays!

Here's the work out!

Round 1:

  1. 100 "running man"
  2. 80 side kicks (40 each leg)
  3. 60 high knees (30 each leg)
  4. 40 plant and toe touch (20 each leg)
  5. 20 in & out squats (10 in and 10 out)
  6. 10 plank and tricep push-ups

** Rest 1-2 minutes, then repeat (starting back at 100 "running man")

Check out this short video of my awesome client (and great friend), Sabrina, to see how to perform each exercise and to ensure you have proper form!

Now doesn't that look like fun!? What are you waiting for? Get hustling my friends! Have a wonderful workout and weekend!