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The Best Smashed Brussels Sprouts Recipe

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When you think Brussels Sprouts, you may not think "oh yum, I love Brussels Sprouts!" But what if they were smashed, covered in cheese, and seasoned to perfection? Now we're talking! You have to try this delicious and nutritious recipe for the best Smashed Brussels Sprouts that make the perfect side dish for any special gathering or simple weeknight dinner! Even if you aren't a big Brussels Sprouts fan, I am sure you will love this recipe!

Nutrition Tip: Top Tips to Maintain, Don't Gain over the Holidays


The Holiday season brings so much joy and happiness to so many people, but with the joyous celebrations often come high-calorie, sugar-loaded foods and beverages which often lead to the infamous Holiday Weight Gain! Have no fear! I have some great and simple nutrition tips to help you avoid gaining weight throughout the Holiday season while still enjoying the foods and family you love!

Nutrition Tip Tuesday: Top Tips to Maintain, Don't Gain over the Holidays Part 2


Hello again, it’s Kelly Puryear here and I am back to give you some more Healthy Holiday Tips to help you Maintain, Don’t Gain over the Holiday Season. We are half way through December already and that means we are half way through the Holiday Season! Hopefully you all have been able to use my first five tips so far and have been able to keep the Holiday weight gain at bay. As part of the Maintain, Don’t Gain Program, I have 5 more tips to help you get through the rest of the Holiday Season and start the New Year off right!

Meal in Minutes: No-Bake Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cup Bark


The Holidays may be over, but that doesn't mean that you won't have any more parties, celebrations, or last-minute house guests to entertain in the New Year. Need a super quick dessert idea for a last-minute party? Have no fear! I have this super easy recipe for a No-Bake Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cup Bark that will be a huge hit for your family and friends! (And they won't even know that this is a healthier version of a favorite dessert)!

Meal Made in Minutes: Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Mug Cake


Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with my in-laws was the perfect combination of love, laughter, and cheer and I so enjoyed the much-needed R&R over the last few days. I also enjoyed the comfort and convenience of my mom's kitchen and the downtime to experiment with a new meal in minutes. This week's delicious meal is made and ready in under five minutes, is full of protein, and tastes just like a mini chocolate and peanut butter cake!

Meal Made in Minutes: Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chia Pudding


Just look at that bowl of deliciousness! This recipe takes about 5 minutes to make and when you wake up you will have a perfect breakfast on-the-go, a mid-day pick-me-up snack, or a decadent dessert to top off your day! This disguised dessert is packed with heart-healthy Omega-3 Fatty Acids (thanks to the Chia seeds) and lean protein (thanks to the protein powder and peanut powder). Get the easy recipe here!

Meal Makeover: Wholesome Turkey Mac & Cheese (Gluten Free)


While it is wonderful to share quality time and our favorite meals with our loved ones, it can be rather difficult to eat healthy during the Holidays.  I was craving good ol' Mac & Cheese, but I did not want to eat a boxed version full of processed foods, sodium, and saturated fat (think Easy Mac). My solution? Homemade Mac & Cheese made with whole ingredients and completely Gluten Free (and delicious)!

Free Fitness Friday: Holiday Hustle Series - Full-body Pyramid Workout

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It's the MOST wonderful time of the year! It's also the busiest time of the year! So how do I expect you all to fit in your daily exercise with all the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season? It's easy! I am starting the HOLIDAY HUSTLE series of Free Fitness Friday in which I will give you a quick and effective full-body workout each week that you can perform anytime and anywhere! In just 10 minutes, you'll burn off the extra Holiday indulgence and you may even get your friends and family members to join you in this fun and fast workout!