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Free Fitness Friday: 16 Minute Lower Body Workout

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Happy New Year! I cannot believe it is 2016, but there is no better way to start the new year than with a quick workout! To ring in 2016, I will be posting a 16 minute workout each Friday to help you stay committed to your New Year's Resolution to exercise daily and move more! These workouts are easy to perform no matter where you are and can easily fit into any busy schedule. All you need is a little motivation and 16 minutes!

This week's Free Fitness Friday Workout: 16 Minute Lower Body Workout

16 minute Lower Body Workout

I performed this workout while on a mini vacation in Longboat Key, Fl - the perfect scenery for an outdoor workout! All you will need is an open space, a jump rope (if you have one), and an exercise mat (if you have one). Perform each exercise as listed in the workout and aim for 4 rounds (which will take you about 16 minutes to complete).

1 Round:

  1. 100 jump rope (or jumping jacks if you don't have a jump rope)
  2. 16 stationary lunges (8 each side)
  3. 16 squats
  4. 16 stationary reverse lunges (8 each side)
  5. 16 squat thrusts

That's it! Repeat each round 4 times for with minimal rest, but be sure to maintain proper form during each exercise. Check out this short video to see how to perform each exercise.

Now I know this time of year is very busy and full of parties, good food and beverages, and little "down time"... but it is important to make time for yourself and to do something that is good for you! You may have already made your New Year's resolution for 2016, but I would like you to add one more goal for the New Year - to make more "you time" engaging in something active that brings you joy, inner peace, and balance.

For me, being active gives me joy and going to the gym or for a run outside is my "me time" ... but that may not be the case for everyone. I just want to encourage you to try to find one form of daily activity that makes you happy and brings you balance in your life. Maybe it is as simple as going for a 20-minute walk each day, or trying out a new Yoga or Pilates studio, or hiring a personal trainer to help keep you accountable?... Whatever it is, do it! Do it for you!

I hope that I am able to inspire you and motivate you in some way to make more time for yourself and to do something good for YOU each day.

Happy New Year my dear friends! May it be the year of YOU!